Frustration Part 2…

I appreciate the comments on my last post – but am frustrated once again because I can’t see them on my site!  Nor can I find the post on Facebook.  AND I don’t know how to change that despite searching on Facebook and WordPress for an answer!  So in addition to being frustrated, there is also being aggravated, vexed (thank you to whoever suggested this one), irritated, disgruntled, absolutely maddening, sheer insanity (not the exercise regimen), and the list goes on and on.

What aggravates me most is that the majority of what happens is totally out of my control.  I can do something about anything that falls within my control, but other than deal with how I respond to situation I can’t do much else.  It’s like walking out the door only to be barraged with snowballs – unending snowballs.


I don’t know… I guess I am tired of having to deal with my responses to these situations instead of having them not happen in the first place.  It eats up so much time that could be spent doing what I set out to do in the first place!  And if you know how I can fix the problems mentioned above, I’d appreciate your suggestions.  I am NOT computer savvy – another source of great aggravation!


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