So… it’s been a while

Yeah, I know… I’ve said it before and this time it’s been 3 years.  Insecurity keeps me from jumping in writing on a more regular basis.  I think that nobody will really be interested in what I have to say.  But I’ll give it a try again.

So – what’s up?  Today I’m trying to give my bazaar set up a make over as it looks boring, boring, boring this year.  I have a new tent with a white top and combined with the white table covers makes my display look sterile.  I don’t think I’m displaying my goods to their best advantage either.  I am trying to do this with things I already have on hand – between left over shop displays and fiber fest set up materials I think I can do it.  My biggest problem is keeping it simple.  I’m prone to over doing it.  My other problem – procrastination… I’m prone to that, too.  Am I working on my set up?  No… I’m writing a blog!

If they would have had ADD, ADHD and all those other designations back when I was in grade school I’m sure they would have put me on meds.  I’m not hyperactive, but I am very easily distracted.  Somehow I managed to make it through school with decent grades without them (except for that sewing class in 7th grade – that’s another story) and in spite of a 2nd or 3rd grade teacher telling my parents and the school principle I was “retarded”.  This was back when you could still use that label.  She humiliated me in front of my classmates because I did not finish a handout on time and sent me to the principles office.  I cried.  I was already suspect with my classmates because I was the new kid – having moved there in the middle of the school year and that just gave them all the more reason to give me a hard time.  It was a miserable year.  The teacher did not want me in her classroom, even after testing showed there was nothing  wrong with me, I was just ahead of the other students.  Back then there were no advanced classes or programs for gifted and talented kids.  I was just bored.

I think boredom can be a problem for most creative people.  Our minds tend to wander all over the place looking for that next bit of inspiration or that tantalizing new technique to try.  At one time or another I’ve tried all kinds of creative outlets – painting, drawing, ceramics, jewelry making, stained glass art, journaling, card making, quilting, weaving, knitting, print making, crochet, netting, embroidery, beading, counted thread work, dyeing, spinning – you get the idea.  I am constantly lured by pretty colors of yarn, heck, pretty colors and patterns of just about everything!  My mind loves to wander – which is not always a good thing.  It’s like a computer with too many tabs open at one time and I have a hard time concentrating on any one thing.  I get anxious and depressed when I can’t focus and get something done.  I am trying to spin too many plates.  I have tried to become more disciplined in recent years weeding out the excess outlets and focusing on what I can do and love to do in the space that I have available.  But it’s hard – I want to do it all even though I know I can’t.  I could, but I wouldn’t be doing anything well and that’s important to me too.  I want to do what I do well.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chrisknits
    Jul 03, 2017 @ 17:50:12

    I am trying to focus more each day. But it’s easy to be distracted when you have so many hobbies to choose from!!!


  2. jaimehaneyartist
    Aug 13, 2017 @ 23:26:53

    I too, struggle with the next shiny thing… I think a lot of artists struggle with this.

    You know, if you think you were ADD when you were a child, you may still be ADD. My mother was and finally told the doctor about her struggles and he prescribed appropriate medicine that DID make her able to focus. She was thankful for it. Maybe it’s time to speak to your doc? There is no shame in Adult ADD.


    • leamv
      Aug 15, 2017 @ 16:48:07

      No shame at all! I’m probably only mildly ADD – most of the time I focus just fine. But when there is a lot of noise going on in my brain it gets harder. That’s when I want to focus on something else! I think creative people tend to a have a certain amount of ADD – there’s just so much stuff to do!


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