Adventures in Kitty Wrangling

So, cat A, Mr. Bugby, decides to chase cat B, Friskie, who runs away, jumps up on my desk, manages to step on the only sharp object there, puncturing her right front paw, who continues to run, now oozing gobs of blood everywhere, leaving me to catch cat B, who decides she doesn’t want to be caught and sinks her claws and bloody paw into my arm, scratches ensue, finally get a good grip on ballistic cat who’s continuing to bleed all over me and everything else, I scream for help while pinning down ballistic cat, help arrives, stiptic powder is applied to paw while cat sinks teeth into arm, I’m scrambling to get a better grip, first aid finally applied, the cat is released and said cat is now calm.  Me?  I’m still applying carpet cleaner to get up all the blood… you’d think I had nothing better to do…

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